The herdshare program is NOT:

Guaranteed milk delivery each week.  Per Colorado law, you are paying a boarding fee for us to board cows to give you milk.  Cows are live, unpredictable animals.  While we will do everything within our power to keep them happy and healthy, its possible things like extreme weather for example, can interrupt milk flow.  Our hope is that herdshare participants will understand and be patient during down times.  

That said, there are more often times where we have extra milk.  The extra milk, when we have it, is available to herdshare members at no extra charge.  You are purchasing a share of production so when production is up, you should benefit by having access to the extra milk.

We deliver milk in 1/2 gallon canning jars with white plastic lids, paid for by the herdshare member ($2 per jar), provided by Heritage Family Farm.  We currently have a Durango delivery on Sunday mornings, Pagosa Springs delivery day on Thursday evenings and Bayfield customers can pick up at our farm between 7am and 7pm, we have a fridge dedicated to our milk customers.  

Our sincere desire is to serve you well.  Please know you are welcome to schedule a visit to see us and the cows.  We look forward to a long relationship with you!

We are so excited to offer you fresh raw milk from our farm.  We have shares available and wanted to invite you to consider joining our Herdshare program.  Here's the details:

In the State of Colorado, it is illegal for us to sell raw milk and illegal for you to purchase it retail.  There is an allowance in the law, however, for participation in a herdshare program in order to obtain raw milk.  As a herdshare participant, you pay a boarding fee to "own" a percentage interest in the herd of cows and receive raw milk for your "ownership".  Joining the herdshare is $360 per share annually, payable each quarter in the amount of $90 per one share.  The minimum we offer weekly is 1/2 share and can go up as high as you wish.  We cannot technically sell you "a gallon a week" by law, but we try to make One Share equivalent to One Gallon, 1/2 Share equivalent to 1/2 Gallon, etc.  A 1/2 share would then be $45 per quarter, a 2 shares would be $180 and so on.

Here's what we can guarantee we will do for your boarding fee:

  • Give the cows full time access to pasture and fresh water
  • Feed them a grass only diet, including fresh barley sprouts.  See the About tab for more information about Fodder.
  • Provide a clean milking system and a clean pour room to pour your milk with a refrigerator that will receive your milk right after pouring for fast chilling and maximum freshness.
  • When necessary, our Veterinarian has extensive knowledge about dairy cows and traditional as well as alternative forms of treatment.
  • Provide at least 40 weeks of milk per year.  If we are able to offer more than 40 weeks, we will.  The 12 off weeks are for the cows to dry up prior to delivering a calf.  This dry time is critical for each mama cow to allow her body to regenerate and prepare for the next milking cycle. The above boarding fee is still required, even during the weeks when the cows are dry and you aren't receiving milk.  We hope our herdshare members understand that cows still need to be fed and cared for even when not giving milk.